Protruding ears

Protruding ears, regardless if on one side only or on both sides, are usually congenital and generally a result of incomplete folding of the ear cartilage or an asymmetrical development of singular parts of cartilage.

Protruding ears are the cause of enormous psychological strain, not only for children. The ear cartilage is newly formed during surgery (otoplasty) and the ear will be corrected. This surgical procedure can be done at every age, but it is advisable to think about the possibility of surgery already during the early childhood.


This outpatient surgery is carried out on children under general anesthesia and on adults under local anesthesia. An incision is set behind the ear during the surgery and the cartilage will be partially removed and newly formed. That way the positioning of the ears will be corrected. This surgical procedure takes approx. one and a half hours.

After surgery

At the end of the surgery a head bandage is administered, which must be worn for 2 to 7 days. Consequently a headband should be worn day and night for the next 2 weeks and for another 3 weeks during the night only and during sports. This is important in order to protect the ear and keep its shape.

Sports or social activities should not be entertained during the first 10 to 14 days following the surgery. Even 3 months after surgery sports shall only be carried out very carefully, as it takes up to six months for the ear to regain its natural preoperative stability upon surgery.