Face lifting

Modern face lifting is characterized by refreshing “only” instead of alteration. The unmistakable character of a face must not be lost, instead it shall be boosted with new energy by focused augmentation of anatomical structures.

We all want a fresh, healthy and glowing appearance. We do not want to appear “lifted”. It does require a lot of experience and intuition to surgically give back buoyancy and vigor to particular areas of the face which have lost their tautness over decades.

Neck lifting

The typical neck lifting rejuvenates the areas of mouth, cheeks and throat. Incisions are chosen in a way so that potential scars are nearly or completely invisible later on. Drooping cheeks and sagging throat tissue will be removed as well as spare skin. The face regains its fresh features without losing its uniqueness and mimic.

A neck lifting is mostly carried out under semiconscious sedation and requires a hospital stay of one or two days. The swelling and bruises will mostly have disappeared after about 10 days to two weeks.

Mini lifting

A mid face lifting or mini lifting may be chosen, if it is only the cheek area that needs lifting. Drooping skin tissue can be lifted by small incisions on the lower eyelids and the temples in order to restore the natural roundness of the cheeks over the cheekbones. This surgery takes about one hour. After only one week the patient is ready for action again.