Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty)

A deep look into the eyes of the person facing us can tell us a lot about this individual. The expression of the eyes is unmistakable. It may be alert, friendly, interested, likeable but also sad, weary or heavy. Oftentimes beautiful eyes do not shine because excessive skin on upper and lower lids affects the gaze. Targeted plastic surgery can be the solution for this.

Upper eyelid lifting

The lifting of so-called droopy eyelids is amongst the most common of aesthetic surgeries. “Sagging” upper eyelids make us appear weary and sad. They impose a heavy expression on the face which often does not correspond to the person’s actual attitude. A lifting of the upper eye lid can restore a fresh and alert facial expression. An upper eyelid lifting is medically indicated if a limitation to the visual field has been detected by an eye specialist during a perimetry examination. In these cases the statutory health insurance will cover the surgery cost.

Professionals take caution to not only remove the spare skin during the upper lid lifting. They will also extract the underlying fat tissue and lift the eyelid muscle accordingly, if necessary. The scar runs along the eye fold and is nearly invisible after a few weeks.

This rather uncomplicated outpatient surgery is carried out under local anesthesia and takes about one hour. Consistent cooling and rest after the lifting of the upper lid will considerably reduce the development of bruises and swellings.

Lower eyelid lift

Distracting lachrymal sacs are being adjusted by cutting along the lower lids edge. The resulting scar is consequently covered by the lower eyelashes and will thus become almost invisible. Excessive skin and fat tissue will be removed and the lower lid is being lifted. Occasionally a specific fat depot must be activated in order to get a perfect result.

The lower eyelid lifting is a little more complicated than the lifting of the upper lid and should only be executed by a professional. The surgery takes about one hour and may be carried out as an ambulant treatment under local anesthesia as well. Upper and lower lid lifts can also be combined.