Correction of asymmetry of breasts, tubular breast

Congenital breast malformations

A malformation of the female breast is evident if a deviation from the regular breast shape is visible. This can be a distinct asymmetry of breasts or a so-called tubular breast. This often imposes a considerable psychological strain from as early as puberty already. A premature correction is recommended for this reason as soon as the breast growth has been concluded. A medical indication results from the considerable strain on the woman concerned.

Tubular breast (Tubular deformation)

A tubular deformation appears as a cone-like, tubular breast with a mostly exceptionally large areola. This deviation from a regular breast shape results from a lacking formation of separate parts of glandular tissue. The specific reshaping of the mammary gland – potentially in combination with implants – the correction of the areola and the adjustment of the skin result in an aesthetically beautiful breast.


A difference in size and shape of each breast may appear during the development of the female breast. The aim of this surgery is to achieve a symmetrical and natural breast shape. Various techniques of breast enlargement and reduction as well as shape corrections of the areola are used to achieve the alignment. Breast malformations can be very distinct and require an exact preoperative analysis as well as an individualized approach.