Breast reduction

Overly large breasts are the cause of physical and psychological strain for a lot of women. The physical pain ranges from headaches, neck aches and back ailments to damages of the spine due to poor posture. Amongst the most common discomforts are the cutting-in of bra straps as well as redness and infections in the breast folds. Psychological afflictions result from a persisting feeling of being under observation, problems with clothes-shopping as well as the perception of limited desirability. This restricts the quality of life for the women concerned considerably.

From a surgical point of view the therapeutic component is as important as the aesthetic result. Taking each individual situation into account there are various techniques with which the ideal result of a naturally shaped breast in the desired size can be achieved.


The surgery is preceded by precise marking. The desired cup-size is discussed and the future position of the nipple is determined. During a two to three hours surgery the excessive glandular and fat tissue is removed, the areola is simultaneously accentuated and the skin is lifted. The scars run around the areola and continue vertically down to the breast fold.

Hospital stay

The breast reduction is carried out under a general anesthesia and is followed by a hospital stay of one or two days at the private hospital Privatklink Wien Währing. A state-of-the-art operating room with a recovery room and ongoing professional care in modern rooms are at your disposal there.

After the surgery

Physical rest is recommended for the next two weeks. Sports activities and heavy duties must be avoided for four to six weeks. A special supporting bra shall be worn day and night for 5 weeks. Violent pain must not be expected. A stable long term result can be counted on if these recommendations are observed. A breast reduction with tissue removal of approximately 500 g per side results in an immediate significant improvement of physical ailments. Also, almost all women experience a boost of self-confidence. This results in a considerable increase of quality of life.

Cost coverage by statutory health insurance

In some cases the statutory health insurance does cover the surgery cost for a breast reduction. The following criteria must be met: BMI equal or less than 25, minimum cup size D, removal of 500 g of tissue per side.