Breast reconstruction after surgery for breast cancer

Breast cancer (mamma carcinoma) is the most common cancer in women. Along with the complete healing the preservation of the affected breast and the patient’s quality of life are the declared goals of the medical treatment. Depending on the disease stage the therapy consists of a combination of surgery and chemotherapy, hormonotherapy and radiotherapy. The women concerned must cope with both: the diagnosis of cancer and the demolition of their womanly body image. This makes it particularly important to offer them various plastic surgery techniques in order to achieve an aesthetically appealing result.

If breast-preserving therapy with subsequent radiotherapy has been chosen, the surgery should be carried out with aesthetical incision technique. If necessary, surgery on the healthy breast may be necessary to achieve a symmetrical result. The tumor may be removed in a procedure similar to a reductionplasty if the patient features a large bosom. This will be done on both sides for a satisfactory symmetrical result.

Aesthetical incisions with a skin saving approach as well as the immediate reconstruction of the breast with the patient’s own tissue or an implant is possible in the course of one surgical procedure, if the medical indication requires the complete removal of a breast. This is the reason why plastic surgery should be considered in the therapy plans for breast cancer from the beginning. The comprehensive education of patients, particularly on different possibilities and methods, is at the center of modern medical care. In each case the interdisciplinary cooperation of radiologists, gynecologists, oncologists, pathologists, surgeons, radiotherapists and psychologists in certified breast health centers (Hospital Rudolfsstifung) are the prerequisite for an optimized treatment of women, who have developed breast cancer.

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