Breast enlargement

The breast enlargement (mammaplasty) is a plastic surgery, with which the breast volume can be enhanced by normally using implants. The breast implants in use today are filled with cohesive silicone-gel. Thus there is no liquid gel to leak in case the implant is breached – this was the case with formerly used implants. The surgery is mostly done for purely aesthetic reasons, in some cases a medical indication is at hand.

In order to achieve a satisfying result the choice of fitting implant forms and sizes is of vital importance. An elaborate counseling interview is essential.

Surgery and hospital stay

The surgery is carried out under general anesthesia and takes about 1 hour. Generally a hospital stay overnight at the private hospital Privatklink Wien Währing is planned. The implants are being placed underneath the mammary gland or the breast muscle in order to create bigger and more beautiful breasts. The access through which the implant is placed will be formed through the breast fold, an incision at the lower edge of the areola or through the arm pit. During an elaborate counseling interview with the patient the desired size and shape – round or anatomically formed – of the implant is discussed and chosen. The enlargement implant shall be chosen so that the breast fits to the body harmoniously following the surgery.

After the surgery

Physical rest is very important for the next two weeks. Pain must be expected during the first days after the surgery, it can be eased with pain relievers however. Sports activities must be avoided for six weeks. A special supporting bra must be worn day and night for 5 weeks.